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I have been a professional photographer for 30 years, I moved to Hedge End in 1990 where I originally set up the business at home. After two years I moved to a studio in Southampton and ran the business for many years employing three people.
Once digital photography appeared I started to do portrait photography in people's homes. I realized very quickly that people seemed to enjoy the experience and the convenience was a big attraction for the client. I spent 6 months shooting family portraits in homes testing the market before giving up the studio in 2007
Over time I have built up a great business meeting lots of interesting people. I have done all sorts of photography over the years. Weddings, Aerial photography, packshot work, and corporate. However, I have always found portrait photography the most interesting and compelling. I never know who I am going to meet and every client is different.
I get asked to go back to photograph families who I photographed years ago some with new additions to the family. Also, I meet children I photographed years ago who are now adults, who have children themselves.
Over the years I have photographed thousands of people. Being a people person and enjoying the company of customers gives me exceptional job satisfaction.
Most of my working life I have made a living from photography, always employing a couple of people with special skills to complete the team.

Mark Vella

happy customers