How to Succeed in the Modelling and Entertainment Industry



Our company has been carrying out all types of photography for over twenty years. We have done everything from commercial, Catalogue Work, Brochure Work, Magazine Work etc for various clients.

Over the years we have worked with many models of all ages, looks, shapes and sizes. With this experience we have amassed a considerable amount of information on how model agencies work and use models, extras, and artists. Agencies look for all types of people to supply to their clients for various types of work; clients use all sorts of people from babies to mature adults. (Depending on the advertising campaign)

Our DVD (The Secrets of Modelling and the Entertainment Industry) has been compiled using all our experience and knowledge. It will give you as an individual the inside information and knowledge you will need to enter into this exciting industry enabling you to pursue your dreams.

The DVD (The Secrets of Modelling and the Entertainment Industry) consists of all the information you will need to become a model and how to obtain a reputable agency to work with. It will show you how to get through auditions for various assignments, how to look after your health and to look good as a model. It will also show you how to become an extra for film and TV and how to enter the specialist field of singing and dancing in the entertainment industry.

Our company will not only supply you with the (The Secrets of Modelling and the Entertainment Industry) DVD. We will also come to your home with a full studio (back drop and lights), a hair and beauty make-up artist (if required) and photograph you in pre agreed attire, and teach you the different poses which photographers would expect you to know. We will also supply you with a portfolio with ten 10x8 photographs in, a CD with the ten JPG images so that you can print as many copies as you will need to send to various agencies, plus a list of reputable agencies who do not charge an up front fee if they want you for their books.

This comprehensive COPYRIGHTED package is the only one of its kind and is unique and cannot be purchased anywhere else. The information is for individuals to refer to at any time. This package was designed to help people entering into the industry to take the correct and proper procedures to becoming successful in this existing industry.

We are sure this information and advice will give you the incentive to pursue your hopes and dreams in this exciting industry.

Good Luck and Best Wishes for the Future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to have professional shots produced to approach a modelling agency?

If you've done any research on the web you'll find that model agencies will claim that you don't need professional quality pictures to be considered for work. That may be perfectly true of some companies but you can guarantee that, assuming you get taken on by the agency, at some stage ALL modelling agencies will ask you to get professional shots done. They're just not going to send you to castings with a couple of Polaroidís!

If you are not able to provide the agency with professional quality pictures through test, you'll be expected to pay for them, or perhaps do test shoots with the photographer of the agency's choice and either way you'll be expected to pay for some or all of the costs of having this done.

It's also common sense - the better the shots you have when you make an approach, the better and more experienced you'll look to the agency and the more chance you have of getting work.

The more expensive portfolio sessions we offer are designed to help you build a portfolio and allow you to put pictures in front of someone that will make you look like you've at least done some work before. Whichever way you look at it, presenting a poor quality snapshot to an agency won't ever get you signed to them.

Most of all, remember that if you have NO pictures whatsoever in your portfolio, one of our portfolio packages WILL NOT GIVE YOU A FULL PORTFOLIO.

Building a full, professional quality portfolio or book takes time. You should always include recent shots from more than one session, from different assignments and from published work, when you start to get it.

Why should I bother to arrange shoot?

Unless you're on the books of a model agency it's unlikely that you'll get the chance to do 'test' shoots with established professional photographers and put some professional looking results in your portfolio. You could try 'Time-for-prints' shoots, which is what many new and inexperienced photographers and models do - the theory is that both model and photographer provide their time for free, in return for shots that each can use for their own portfolios.

But TFP shoots are a far from ideal way of working, because both the model and photographer usually have little professional experience, and the final results of the shoot tend to reflect this.
With my shoot, you can start begin to see what it's like to pose in a professional environment, with the help of an experienced, professional fashion photographer.

Why should I PAY for any portfolio shoot?

If you plan to put a professional portfolio together, or to approach model agencies with photographs, my advice would be to arrange a paid portfolio package with us. Some of our portfolio packages include the cost of having professional make-up artists and hair-stylists attend your shoot, to ensure you get the same treatment as professional models, and you'll look as good as you possibly can for the shoot. All the portfolio packages we offer include a number of professionally retouched prints.

What about make-up?

Give some serious thought to whether your make-up skills can match professional results, like the kind you see on posters and TV. You may have been putting on your own make-up since you were a teenager, but most people actually have very poor make-up skills (eye-liner is a particular problem area), and you can guarantee that ALL of your mistakes will show in the final photograph.

While you are being made-up for your photo session, both the make-up artist and photographer will ask you for your views on your make-up and hair, many times, through the course of the shoot - it is ESSENTIAL for you to give us your opinion of the style there and then - it's no good leaving it until you see the final results to say that you wouldn't have done your hair that way! The whole point of the portfolio shoots is to provide you with pictures that you are proud to put in your portfolio, so there's no point in being shy and not saying what you think!!

Even if you've booked a make-up artist for your shoot always bring your favourite foundation, lipstick or other colours and products. This is to make sure we use only the brands you prefer in case you have allergies to certain products or ingredients and to make sure that we have your favourite colours to include alongside the make-up artist's choice.

Should I do my own hair?

No, unless you're supremely confident about doing a professional job. Even then, it can be counter-productive to try and get by on your own - hair needs to be attended to continuously during the course of a shoot, and it's impossible for a model to pose well if she's worried about her hair - you need another pair of eyes and hands to do that!

How many photographs do you take?

More than one or two, less than a few thousand! It's impossible to give an accurate number simply because every shoot and every model is different. Unless you specifically ask for your shoot to be photographed on film, your session will be digital. It's more than likely that you'll end up with hundred digital images to choose from, so after the first few minutes of a session I tend to review the results with the model and we decide there and then if we are going to shoot and shoot or limit the shots to key poses.

Avoid any photographers who promise you a CD full of images - you should be looking for a small number of professionally retouched images from a photo session, not hundreds of files that you play around with yourself. Also avoid any photographer who guarantees you several hundred images in any given time - this is no guarantee of quality or choice! I can take 500 shots by simply pressing the shutter button on my camera and leaving it there, in about 90 seconds...but you won't get much variety of poses....

How do I go about choosing the pictures I want for my portfolio?
After we have completed the photo session with you we will arrange a time and date to come back with a laptop computer for you to view the images and select the ones for your portfolio.

Why is my print slightly different from what I see on the screen?
Unless you have a fully and professionally calibrated monitor, it's likely that the colours you see in the prints you receive won't match what you see on your computer screen exactly. The colours you see on our system are a very close match of the final print output, but slight variations in colour or contrast are always possible. Please note that some print sizes do not match the proportions of the full image area - so small parts of the image are sometimes cropped out at the printing stage, to cater for the different size ratio. NB If the thumbnail or low resolution proof that you viewed on our system did not show particular details (e.g. the top of your head, or your feet) THEN THESE DETAILS WILL NOT BE IN THE FINAL PRINT. If it wasn't in the original picture, it won't be in the final print! If we have chosen to exclude areas of your figure, face or head in some pictures, it's because I have chosen to do so for reasons of composition. We will NOT take seriously or have any further correspondence with anyone who regards 'cutting off the top of my head' or 'edge of my arm' to 'not professional' or 'a mistake' - what you see or do not see in the final edited picture is there because we have decided that it should be that way!

I'm a young model - can you photograph my portfolio?

Yes, but if you're under 18 years of age a parent or legal guardian must accompany you to the shoot. NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR MEETINGS CAN TAKE PLACE unless you are in the company of your parent or legal guardian.

Do you find models work?
No, we do not work as a model agency, but we the The Secrets of the Modelling and Entertainment Industry DVD can advise you on the best way to present yourself to agencies and hopefully the work you do will get you more work!

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